Ki Tolod

Latin's named: Isotoma longiflora (L.) Presl
Regional's named: Ki tolod, Daun Tolod (Sunda), Control, Sangkobak (Java)
International's named: Star of Bethlehem because of the star-shaped crown of flowers.

Family: Campanulaceae.

Plants in Indonesia is growing wild on the edge of the water channel or river, constructed a rice field, around the fence and other places that open and humid.
Kitolod tree can be found from the lowlands to 1,100 m above sea level. herbs upright, reaching 60 cm high, diverge from the base, sticky white Southerners are sharp and contain poisons. Single leaf, sitting, lancet-shaped, rough surface, spire, narrow base, to dent the edge, spiked to curl finy. Long leaf of 5-17 cm, 2-3 cm wide, the color green. Flowers upright, single, exit from the armpit leaves, stalky length, crown-shaped white stars. Fruit such as fruit box-shaped bell, bow, split into two rooms, seedy. With seed multiplication, slip or young stems.

How culture: growing plants with seeds. Easy maintenance, need enough water by sprinkling enough, to keep moisture and fertilizer, especially fertilizer base.

The plant used: leaves, flowers and plants throughout.

Chemicals nature:
Plant this rich chemical that are known al Alkaloid compound that is lobelin, lobelamin and isotomin. Leaves contain: alkoloid, saponin, flavonoid and poliferol.

NOTE - the plant is poisonous, for each drink can not be more than 3 sheets leaves.

Effect Farmakologis:
The rubber for: toxic, anti inflammation, anti neoplastik, analgesic (pain remover) and hemostatic (stop bleeding)

 The disease can be cured and how to use :

1. Illness Tooth
Two sheets leaves washed and pounded fine, put a hole in the tooth pain.

2. asthma, throat, bronchitis. sore throat :
Three leaves washed clean sheet and then boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining one glass. After the cold filtered drinking in the past. Make 2 times a day, morning and afternoon

3. injury :
Leaf adequate washed clean and then pounded until smooth paste on the wound and wrapping with a clean cloth. Change 2 - 3 times a day.

4. medicine for cancer :
Leaves 3 sheets following stem, in the stew with 5 cups water to a 1 - 2 cups with a small fire. Boiling drinking water in several times to run out in a day.

5. All kind of eye diseases as cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma, retina, etc.:
1 sheet leaves that are clean, plus 5 tablespoons of clean water than bone leaves pressed with a spoon press. Leaves removed, the water 3-5 drops put to eyes, taken a while, eye's dirt to removed and then washed the eye with boiling water of betel leaves.

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